Animal Mistreatment Charges: Eagle Lake Woman Moves, Leaves 12 Dogs Behind

(Eagle Lake, MN) – Charges have been filed against a 44-year-old woman who allegedly moved from her residence in Eagle Lake and left her dogs behind.

Jodi Lynn Redford is charged with a misdemeanor of animal mistreatment.

According to the complaint, beginning in early September, Eagle Lake Police received numerous complaints of dogs barking at all hours at a residence at 30 Country Manor. Redford was contacted and attempts were made to resolve the problems with the dogs.

By September 13, the complaints continued, so Police Chief John Kopp spoke with a neighbor and was told that Redford hadn’t been home since the previous week. Redford’s probation officer told Kopp that Redford said she wasn’t living there any longer and had been staying in Rapidan.

That morning, police began monitoring the residence and say Redford did not come home at any time during the 30 hours they watched. Finally, at 4:30 on September 14th, they entered the residence accompanied by a veterinarian and his staff.

Police say inside the residence, the temperature was in excess of 95 degrees with all windows closed. The entire residence had dog feces and urine throughout. Two dogs were found caged in kennels without food and water, standing in their own urine and feces.

The remaining dogs, two adults and eight puppies, had no water or food available.

The vet and his staff collected the dogs and took them to the veterinary center for proper nutrition and treatment due to the alleged neglect.

Last month, Redford was charged with drug possession after police say they found her in possession of methamphetamine, although she claimed “These aren’t my pants.”

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