Blue Earth County adult criminal complaints now available online

BLUE EARTH CO – 10/21/15
Rebekah Zens | News Director

Criminal Complaints can now be accessed online thanks to Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott.

“It was something that I asked a few months ago that we take a look at because of keeping up with the technology and providing information from a public safety standpoint.”

Blue Earth County court records had limited information online unless someone was accessing it from the law library at the justice center.

“This is the actual complaint that our office files with [the] court. It’s been signed off by law enforcement, signed off by an attorney in our office, and then signed off by the judge.”

McDermott felt there were more people needing to get at these documents.

“There’s all sorts of contributing factors or agencies that are contributing to all the information and this is just an easier way for people to access that information in one location.”

Blue Earth County IT Department designed and programmed the new site and it can be accessed at For more information, contact the county office at 304-4600.



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