Former Manager Charged With Mankato Hardee’s Robbery

(Mankato, MN) – An employee at the Hardee’s on West Lind Court in Mankato now stands accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the restaurant.

Forty-year-old Casey Ann Von Eschen of Mankato was charged today with 3rd degree burglary. She’s due to make her first court appearance next month.

According to the complaint, Von Eschen used keys she had stolen from the manager’s office to get into the restaurant around 4:15am on October 16th. She then used black spray paint to cover the camera lens in the office and take $2,200 from the safe.

Hardee’s management suspected the thief was Von Eschen and a search of her vehicle and residence turned up a bank deposit bag, rolls of coins, loose change and a can of black spray paint. Police say they also found used hypodermic needles, pipes and small baggies commonly used to sell narcotics.

Court documents say Van Eschen had the safe combination from when she previously worked as a manager at Hardee’s. She had “walked out” on that job, but was later rehired as a crew member and had been working there for about two weeks at the time of the theft.

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Photo credits: BFC Media.



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