Fundraiser Tonight For Govenaire’s Vandalized Buses

(St. Peter, MN) – A memorial concert is set for tonight to raise funds to repair one of the buses belonging to the Govenaires Drum and Bugle Corp., damaged earlier this spring by vandals.
The concert will be at Patrick’s on Third and feature musical performances by the Govenaires, the mostly Conical Brass Quartet, and the Bass Brand Brass Band.

The buses were damaged on April 1st as vandals ripped open the control panels, cut electrical cables, damaged seats and tables and slashed tires. One of the damaged buses will be repaired while another will be “retired” and a new bus may need to be purchased to make up for that lost capacity.

There will also be live music Saturday and Sundays night as well, and other opportunities to donate. All the details are available here.

Those interested in making a donation can also do so online at the Govenaires Giving Trust or mail a donation to:

Govenaires Giving Trust
PO Box 235
St. Peter, MN 56082

Founded in 1927, the Govenaires is the oldest continuously competing drum and bugle corps in North America. The name is in honor of the four Minnesota Governors who have hailed from St. Peter.

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