Killer Clown’s Red Balloon Floats from Minnesota Sewer Grate

(Mankato, MN) – It hasn’t hit Mankato yet, but there has now been a red balloon tied to a sewer grate in Minnesota – as has been the case in some other states.

Police in Cloquet say they found a single red balloon at a sewer over the weekend, a symbol of Pennywise the killer clown from the Stephen King movie “It.” Cloquet police say it must have been left by a “prankster.”

Last fall, there were a number of “creepy clown” sightings reported across the U.S. and that included numerous reports in Mankato, by places like MSU and Mankato East High School.

Some local sightings included reports of a knife and that raised fears across the community and lead the Mankato Department of Public Safety to warn of the consequences for anyone jumping on the creepy clown bandwagon.

“With regards to ‘clown sightings,’ the Mankato Department of Public Safety will investigate and request criminal charges against any person that makes threats of violence with intent to terrorize…intentionally conceals their identity in furtherance of this phenomena.”

“It” took in $123-million in theaters nationwide last weekend, the largest ever opening at the box office for a horror movie.

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Photos via Cloquet Police Department/Facebook & Ted Van Pelt/Flickr.



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