Mankato Woman Assaults Man After Dispute Between Teens, Say Police

(Mankato, MN) – Criminal charges have now been filed against a 38-year-old Mankato woman who allegedly attacked a man, stemming from a dispute among teenagers.

Kelly Markese Irving is facing five counts of assault.

The victim was the father of one of the teens and Irving is the mother of another.

According to police, after two earlier altercations between some teens on Tuesday, the dispute culminated just after 10:00 that night when Irving and about 10 juveniles showed up at the home of one of the teens involved in the earlier incidents.

The father came out of the home, in the 700 block of South Haven Drive, and tried to get the group to leave, and that’s when he was allegedly attacked by Irving, possibly hit with a rock or a roll of quarters rolled up in a handkerchief.

Irving fled the scene on foot, but was later identified and arrested.

The father suffered two large gashes just above his left eye and later was treated at MCHS Hospital and received stitches. His child had gotten stitches earlier in the day after being “jumped” in an incident between the juveniles near Sibley Park.

A review of Irving’s criminal history reveals multiple convictions including assault and domestic assault.

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