No Criminal Charges to Come From Jefferson Quarry Blast

(Mankato, MN) – Criminal charges will not be filed in connection with an August 8th blast at the Jefferson Quarry in Mankato, which sent rocks as large as bowling balls into the adjacent neighborhood, leading to some home and tree damage.

Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott says based on the evidence, they could not prove “gross disregard” beyond a reasonable doubt. He also says criminal charges would have to be applied to an individual(s) and because “there were various people who had a hand in the process, it’s difficult to say that one person is solely responsible for everything.”

Following the blast, the Mankato Department of Public Safety suspended the explosives use permit for the Jefferson Quarry and then two weeks ago, Director Todd Miller sent a letter to quarry owner Jordan Sands, saying he will not renew the permit because blasting there presents a danger to public safety.

Miller says if Jordan Sands wants to resume blasting at the Jefferson Quarry, it will need city council approval.

Jefferson Quarry is also where a blast occurred on April 25th and seconds later, tremors were felt across a large swath of Mankato. A report paid for by Jordan Sands claimed that the tremors were from an earthquake, not the blast and that the two were unrelated, a claim that many locals do not believe.

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