SMN To Cease Operations After Awarded $12-Million

(Mankato, MN) – Some sad news today for followers of Southern Minnesota News, with word that the operation will soon cease…as staff is just minutes away from becoming multi-millionaires.

An “official looking” email received Friday by the Mankato-based news provider has indicated that the service has $12-million awaiting, and the money will be transferred into our account as soon as an $80 processing fee is received, which we have now wired. Obvi.

SMN staff was initially skeptical, but the email says it’s from the CEO of the Zenith Bank in Nigeria, and that was enough confirmation for us, so we are now patiently awaiting the deposit at an undisclosed ATM location in Blue Earth County.

While the funds have not yet been received, we have already submitted an expletive-filled resignation letter to our boss and set fire to the newsroom computer, a 1982 Commodore 64.

SMN would like to thank all of our readers as we head off to our life of leisure. If you need to reach us in the future, we will be on the sandy beaches of Mexico, tanning our Minnesota-pale skin and sipping on rum-filled umbrella drinks.

While we wish it was not, this is, unfortunately, part of an occasional series of attempted satire by Southern Minnesota News. Previous pieces can be found by clicking here.

Disclaimer: Email scams are common. Here is info on scams currently circulating and tips on how to avoid falling victim, including “never wire money in response to an unsolicited email,” no matter how legitimate it appears.

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