VIDEO: Wisconsin Driver Captures Highway Elk Fight

(Clam Lake, WI) – Residents across southern Minnesota see deer and other animals on and along the roads all the time, but very few have likely ever seen a couple of elk in the midst of battle – as has been captured by a Wisconsin woman.

A video taken by Ellyn Morgan Conhartoski of two bull elk fighting in the road has gone viral, already surpassing more than 2-million views. It happened near Clam Lake as they were driving home to Cable, Wisconsin, after the Packers game Sunday in Green Bay.

Conhartoski tells SMN that up ahead in the road a little past the bulls was a female and her calf. This is mating season for elk.

This was insane!!!! Clam Lake, WI September 11, 2017 at 12:10a.m. On Highway M

Posted by Ellyn Morgan Conhartoski on Sunday, September 10, 2017

Conhartoski says elk are somewhat common in the Clam Lake area and she’s seem them a few times, but never fighting like this.

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Video used with permission from Ellyn Morgan Conhartoski.



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