Sunday Liquor Sales BPasses Senate

(St. Paul, MN) – A Minnesota Senate panel has moved the state one step closer to legalizing Sunday liquor sales.

The Senate Commerce Committee approved a bill on a 7-4 vote Wednesday, sending it to the full Senate floor, where it’s said to be facing an uphill battle. At this point, it’s unclear when it will come up for a final vote.

Those who want to want to make their voices heard on the issue before the vote can contact their state Senators.

Sen. Nick Frentz of Mankato is at or (651) 296-6153.

Sen. Julie Rosen of Vernon Center is at or (651) 296-5713.

Sen. Rich Draheim of Madison Lake is at Form Email or  (651) 296-5558.

A full list of Minnesota State Senators and their contact info can be found here.

The House overwhelmingly passed the repeal earlier this week and Gov. Mark Dayton has said he’ll sign a bill legalizing Sunday sales if it gets to his desk.

Minnesota is one of just 12 states that prevents liquor stores from opening on Sundays.

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Photo credit: Mark Guim/Flickr.



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