Arrest Warrant for Charley’s Owner Quashed

(Mankato, MN) – The warrant that was issued for the arrest of the owner of Charley’s Restaurant & Lounge in Mankato has been quashed.

The warrant was issued after 38-year-old Pierre Habeeb Sadaka failed to appear for a pre-trial court hearing on Thursday on a charge of operating an alarm with a suspended permit. He has since been convicted and fined.

(Photo: Sadaka Mug Shot from 2002)

According to the criminal complaint that was filed in March, officers responded to an alarm at Charley’s in July of 2016. The building was found to be secure and the cause of the alarm was not determined, but the keyholder for the business failed to respond. A letter was sent to owner Pierre Sadaka, requiring a response as to the corrective actions taken to prevent future false alarms.

Police say Sadaka failed to respond and a second letter was sent reminding him of his obligation and warned him that failing to respond would result in the suspension of his alarm permit. The defendant allegedly again failed to respond and a notice was sent by certified mail advising him that his alarm permit was suspended as of August 17th, 2016.

Another letter was sent in January of 2017 reminding Sadaka that his alarm permit was still suspended and warning him that alarm use without a permit is against the law.

Then in March, police responded to another alarm at Charley’s and again the keyholder failed to respond, and the charge of operating an alarm with a suspended permit was filed shortly after.

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