Will Legislature Approve Extending Mankato Sales Tax?

(Mankato, MN) – The Minnesota Legislature goes back into session at noon today, and one issue of vital importance locally is approval of the sales tax extension in Mankato and North Mankato.

Voters last fall approved extending the local option half-percent sales tax through the year 2038, but it can’t take effect without the okay of lawmakers in St. Paul.

The approval was in legislation passed last year, but that bill was never signed by Governor Dayton due to an error that would have cost the state $100-million in revenue.

The Mankato/North Mankato sales tax extension is expected to raise about $62-million dollars to go toward improvements to “critical infrastructure” and development of existing and new regional recreational facilities. That includes the likes of flood control, multi-modal transit, riverfront development and maintenance of the Verizon Wireless Center and the Mankato Regional Airport.

The approval only allows for the tax to be collected, not for the money to be automatically spent. That means each project will allow for public input and require City Council approval.

For the average household, the annual cost of the extension will be about $81.

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