Salvador Rivera mugshot

(Mankato, MN) – A Waseca man is facing various charges, including assaulting a peace officer after a taser failed to subdue him at his workplace.

Salvador Salazar Rivera, age 40, was charged in Blue Earth County Court with felony 3rd-degree assault, two felony counts of 4th-degree assault of a peace officer, felony threats of violence, and gross misdemeanor 5th-degree assault.

According to the criminal complaint, police responded to a call December 31st  from Wendy’s on Madison Avenue saying that Rivera – an employee – was “losing his mind” and “threatening to kick people’s ass.” The two responding officers attempted to calm Rivera down, but he was agitated and yelling throughout the encounter, saying “I’m gonna hurt you,” according to the complaint.

One of the officers attempted to pull Rivera outside, but he punched one of them in the head.  A taser was deployed twice after the alleged assault but had no effect on Rivera, who then punched the other officer in the face, according to court documents.  Officers attempted to taser Rivera twice more.  He again didn’t react, but court documents say he ran out the back door of the restaurant shouting, “I’m gonna kill you!”

The criminal complaint says that deputies caught Rivera as he was running north along Bassett Drive, and he was taken into custody after a fifth and final taser deployment.  Two relatives of Rivera’s said told police he is schizophrenic and does not take medication.  The officers were treated and at Mayo Clinic ER for their injuries and photographs were taken.  One officer suffered a bump to her head, while the second had a chipped tooth, a swollen cheek and a cut underneath his lip.

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