78-year-old Winthrop man charged with indecent exposure

An elderly Winthrop man is accused of exposing himself to a woman and her daughter.

Henry Charles Spinler Jr, 78, was charged Monday in Sibley County Court with misdemeanor indecent exposure.

A criminal complaint says a woman was walking with her 2-year-old daughter on the morning of June 12 when they passed Spinler, who was naked, outside of his home.  The woman told police Spinler waved as she and her daughter passed the residence.

The criminal complaint says the woman and her daughter were able to see Spinler’s bare genitals.  The woman told investigators they avoided Spinler’s residence on the return walk, but could see him watching them from his home.

According to the complaint, the woman has not had any previous issues with Spinler, but she was concerned her daughter had witnessed Spinler naked.

Naked crime is not unheard of in Sibley County.  In 2019, campers at a Sibley County park were startled by a drunk, naked man walking around the campsite.

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