(Mankato, MN) – Where’s the fire hydrant?

That’s a question that Mankato fire crews don’t want to be asking when they respond to a residence or business to extinguish flames.  And that’s why Mankato Public Safety is asking residents to unofficially adopt a fire hydrant.

Citizens who adopt a hydrant assist during the winter months in keeping the hydrant clear of snow and free of ice, so fire responders can save critical seconds when responding to an emergency.  The process isn’t formal and requires only the will to want to help.  Deputy Director of Public Safety Jeff Bengston said that not only does clearing hydrants help the fire department, but plow drivers also benefit when they can see the fire hydrants.

“Fires burn quickly.  Every minute matters,” said Bengston.  “For us to spend those precious minutes clearing a hydrant makes a big difference.”

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