Baby spinach linked to MN E. Coli cases

Two Minnesotans were sickened by E. Coli infections from organic baby spinach that have been linked to a national outbreak.

Minnesota Department of Health investigators say the ill residents became sick between Oct 17 and Oct 23.  Both residents were in their mid-20’s; one was from Greater Minnesota and the other from the metro area.  One of the sickened individuals reported eating Josie’s Organics organic baby spinach purchased from Hy-Vee, and the other case reported Fresh Thyme organic baby spinach purchased from Fresh Thyme.  Both brands are produced by Braga Fresh.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture collected leftover Josie’s spinach from the home of one of the state’s cases and the product tested positive for E. Coli , according to a news release.

Additional outbreak cases are being investigated in other states.  State health officials are warning consumers to not eat Josie’s Organics organic baby spinach and Fresh Thyme organic baby spinach with a best-by date on or around Oct 23, 2021.  An investigation could result in an expansion of the warning to include additional production dates.

Symptoms E. coli illness typically includes stomach cramps and diarrhea, bloody stools, and potentially, a low-grade fever.

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