Bethany sets enrollment record

Mankato’s Bethany Lutheran College has set an enrollment record.

There are exactly 800 students enrolled at Bethany for Fall 2021, according to a press release from the college.   That number surpasses the previous record of 778 students, which was set last fall.

The 800 students include 660 undergraduates, 119 online students, 15 high school students in Minnesota’s Post-Secondary Enrollment Option, and six non-degree seeking students.

A record number of students are also living on campus, according to the release, with 442 students living in college housing.

Bethany College President Gene Pfeifer called the enrollment records welcome news.  “We continue to focus our efforts on serving the needs of our students well, and on establishing news, attractive programs of interest for prospective students,” said Pfeifer.  “Those efforts are proving to be a catalyst for growth.”

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