Bingham Lake man with huffing history facing 6th DWI charge

A Bingham Lake man has been charged with his sixth DWI in under six years.

Allen Dean Glidden, 30, was charged earlier this month with 1st-degree DWI, a felony, in Cottonwood County Court.   Glidden has been convicted of DWI four times and also has a pending case in Nobles County.

Police responded the afternoon of Feb 2 to a report of a crash at a Windom intersection.  A criminal complaint says Glidden had driven into a snowbank in the reporter’s yard.

Police attempted knocking on the window, but Glidden did not respond, according to the complaint. He eventually opened the car door and a can of “Blow Off Duster” compressed air fell out of the vehicle, according to the charging document.

Glidden allegedly began huffing as police tried to communicate with him and suffered a seizure at the scene.  A blood draw was taken at the hospital and results are pending, according to the complaint.

Glidden has four prior DWI convictions.  In 2017, he was charged in Watonwan County after he was pulled over on Highway 60 with a .22 blood-alcohol level.

In Dec 2018, he was charged with DWI following a crash at Prime Pork in Windom. Court records say Glidden had been huffing air duster spray before driving on a revoked license and crashing into a snowbank and fence.

In March 2020, Worthington police responded to a report that Glidden passed out in his vehicle at a Walmart after huffing air dust. Officers described his condition as “confused,” “disoriented,” “extremely slow and lethargic,” with “poor motor control and difficulty moving his arms and his head.”

On an April 2020 evening, Cottonwood County deputies arrested Glidden after responding to a report of a vehicle that had driven into a pond. Ambulance staff told police they had observed Glidden huffing from a can of air duster when they arrived on the scene.

He was convicted in all four cases.

Glidden also has a pending DWI case in Nobles County. Investigators say Glidden was discovered passed out in a vehicle after a crash at a Worthington intersection in Aug 2022.  Witnesses told police he was passed out behind the wheel before he woke up, drove, then crashed with two vehicles. Another witness said he saw Glidden drive out of a soybean field and into the parking lot of the old golf course. Police found soybean plants in his bumper and a can of air duster in his car.

Glidden is scheduled to appear in court on March 28.

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