(New Ulm, MN) – The Brown County Sheriff is cautioning residents in a pre-emptive effort to avoid the same catastrophes that neighboring counties have faced.

“While there have been reports of several vehicles and people breaking through the ice and falling into the water in surrounding counties, there is open water conditions in Brown County,” a press release sent by Sheriff Jason Seidl said.

The warning follows reports of multiple vehicles plunging through the ice and submerging at Madison Lake over the weekend.

Seidl noted that there is open water on Lake Hanska near Godahl point and Geiger landing.  The Minnesota River near the Highway 14 and 15 bridge construction, and both the Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood rivers have open areas.

Officials ask that residents follow guidelines put forth by the Minnesota Department of Natural resources for ice thickness.  They also recommend telling someone when you are due to return if you plan to go out on the ice.

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