A Danube mother arrested for DWI left her three young children home alone and unsupervised, according to charges filed in Renville County Court.

A criminal complaint says Elizabeth Ann Dryssen, 27,  claimed at the time of her May 4 DWI arrest that the wife of a Renville police officer was watching her children.

The police officer, whose wife was not watching the children, was assigned to check on the children just before midnight.  The complaint says the officer used the open back door to enter the home, where he found Dryssen’s three children, who are ages 3, 2, and 1.  The children were completely alone, and two of the children were awake, one standing naked, according to the charging document.

Police say a vodka bottle about a quarter full was found in the kitchen sink and marijuana was in plain view on the kitchen counter.

The children were placed in child protection.

Dyrssen was charged with child endangerment, a gross misdemeanor.

Dryssen’s DWI charges from Kandiyohi County say a portable breath test put her blood-alcohol level at .19.


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