Charges: Driver who threatened officers with belt, rammed squads tased during arrest

A Mankato man is facing numerous charges after he allegedly fled police, threatened officers with a belt, and rammed two squad cars.

Daniel Robert Devens, 37, was charged Monday in Blue Earth County Court with felony counts of damage to property and fleeing police in a motor vehicle.  He’s also charged with DWI and obstructing the legal process, both misdemeanors.

According to a criminal complaint, a Mankato police officer observed “odd behavior” from Devens Jeep, which driving down Hoffman Rd behind the squad car just before 1 a.m. Sunday.  The Jeep apparently followed the officer, continually speeding up and slamming on the brakes. When the policeman eventually pulled over, Devens parked in front of the squad and began to reverse towards the vehicle, says the complaint.

Police say Devens hopped the curb and exited his Jeep, shouting and acting erratically.  Devens then removed his belt and acted as if he was going to use it like a whip, says the charging document.

When a second officer arrived on the scene, Devens fled, leading police on a pursuit.  The complaint says he stopped and started driving several times before he was blocked by officers. Police say Devens then stuck both squad cars with his Jeep.

The complaint says Devens threatened to bring out his belt when officers commanded him to step out of his vehicle.  Police eventually had to forcibly remove him from the car, according to court documents.  Officers eventually tased him for what they described as “aggressive behavior.”

Police say Devens showed numerous signs of impairment, specifically methamphetamine, during his arrest and his behavior was erratic.  Devens has two previous DWI convictions, according to court records.


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