Charges: Felon turned himself in at county jail for owning gun

Charging documents say a felon who appeared to be coming down from methamphetamines appeared at a county jail to turn himself in for owning a weapon.

Joseph Peter Rosales, 20, of North Mankato, was charged in Blue Earth County Court with two counts of felony possession of ammunition or firearm by someone convicted of a crime of violence.

A criminal complaint says Rosales arrived at the Blue Earth County Jail lobby on the afternoon of January 17, appearing to be paranoid and talking about the mafia chasing him.

Rosales allegedly told deputies he had used methamphetamine two days prior.  Police say his behavior seemed consistent with coming down from meth.

Court documents say Rosales told deputies he wanted to turn in a firearm he had in his vehicle, which he was not allowed to have as a felon.   Police say they received permission to retrieve the firearm, a .22 long rifle with a loaded chamber.  The complaint says 17 rounds of ammunition were also found.

Rosales allegedly bought the gun from a friend in the Twin Cities.

Police say Rosales is prohibited for life from possessing firearms because of prior convictions of burglary and criminal sexual conduct.

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