Charges: Hospital security guard gave patient phone for sex

A security guard at the state hospital in St. Peter is accused of giving a patient a phone in exchange for sex.

Court documents allege Michael Kenneth Frey, 50, purchased a cell phone and lingerie for a female patient at the Minnesota Security Hospital.  Frey allegedly told the woman he wanted her to send him photos and videos of herself wearing the lingerie.

The patient told investigators that Frey said “A mom will do what she can to see her daughter,” when she told him she didn’t want to take photos and video herself.  Frey initially bought the patient the phone so she could speak to her minor daughter, according to the complaint.

The charging document said the patient spent several hours speaking with her daughter the first week she had the phone, but after that felt pressured into sending Frey pics and videos in order to speak to her daughter more often.

Frey would come into the victim’s room up to three times during his shifts for intercourse and other sexual acts, says the complaint.

Frey admitted to communicating with the patient electronically.

Frey, who lives in St. Peter, is charged with felony third-degree criminal sexual conduct in Nicollet County Court.

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