Charges: Man pummeled pregnant woman in response to pizza thrown at his face

A Waseca man allegedly pummeled a pregnant woman after she apparently threw a pizza slice in his face while he was napping.

David Alberto Garcia, 22, was charged with felony third-degree assault and misdemeanor domestic assault.

A criminal complaint says the victim found out Garcia was cheating on her, so threw a pizza slice at his face while he was asleep.

The victim told police Garcia responded by punching her repeatedly in the face.

Police say Garcia appeared to be in disbelief and said “I can’t believe I f**king hit her.”  Garcia told officers the victim started hitting him in the back and wouldn’t stop, so he “freaked out.”

The victim protected herself from the punches with her hands, says the complaint.  Police say her middle fingernail was almost entirely missing, and she had a chipped tooth.

According to the victim, Garcia has assaulted her before, but it had never been so severe.

Garcia is in custody at the Waseca County Jail.

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