Charges: Man who claimed superior authority threatened MSU guard over mask

A man who apparently claimed “superior authority” was arrested after he allegedly threatened a college security guard over wearing a facemask.

Oluwaferanmi Joshua Arowoshola, 19, of Mankato, was charged Tuesday with felony threats of violence in Blue Earth County Court for the alleged Monday afternoon incident.

A criminal complaint says Arowoshola refused to wear a mask when a Minnesota State University Mankato security guard approached him to tell him about the mask policy.

Arowoshola allegedly responded by telling the guard he was superior, saying, “I stand over you.”  The complaint says Arowoshola “lightly pumped the officer’s chest multiple times,”  then took handouts from a rack, and threw them on the floor while continuing to claim his superior authority.

Campus security told Arowoshola his behavior was unacceptable and threatened to call police, according to the complaint.  Arowoshola refused to leave when security asked, says the complaint.

Court documents say Arowoshola told the guard that death would soon find him, and police were called.  Arowoshola yelled at Mankato police, says the complaint, again touting his authority.  He also claimed he was God and told police he would not comply with their orders, according to the complaint.  He was arrested and booked in the Blue Earth County Jail.

Arowoshola has also been charged with misdemeanor trespass and disorderly conduct.


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