Charges: Mankato man raged when confronted over housework

A Mankato man is facing felony charges after he allegedly became angry over housework.

Dennis Joel Murray, 39, was charged with felony counts of domestic assault and 5th-degree drug possession in Blue Earth County Court last week.

A criminal complaint says the victim allowed Murray to spend the night at her house in exchange for helping her with housework.  The victim said she became angry when Murray combined dirty clothes with the clean and refused to help with folding.  In response, according to the charging document, Murray became irate and began screaming and throwing items around.

The victim told police Murray screamed, punched, and broke items in her home.  He is also accused of making a threat regarding the victim’s face and screaming at her children.

Police say Murray appeared to be under the influence and threw a meth pipe when officers responded to the scene.  Murray also intentionally hit his head on the floor and end table, according to the complaint.  He was transported to a hospital.

Murray has two prior domestic violence-related convictions from 2019 and 2020.


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