Charges: Mankato man threw hammer, struck woman in head

A Mankato man is accused of throwing a hammer at a woman and striking her in the head, then threatening to kill her.

Ashay Olad Qaale, 30, was charged in Blue Earth County Court with felony counts of 2nd-degree assault and threats of violence.

Police responded to multiple disturbance calls at a Mankato apartment complex on the evening of August 20.

A criminal complaint says that during a dispute, Qaale threw a hammer at the victim, which struck her in the head.  Police say the victim had a cut on her head that was bleeding and a mark consistent with being hit by a hammer.

Investigators say Qaale pointed to the bloodied hammer when police spoke to him.

He allegedly asked police to “please, just let me beat her up,” and then said “How about you let me beat the s**t out of the bitch for five seconds,” according to the complaint.

Court documents say officers had to restrain Qaale as he tried to push past them to get to the victim.  Qaale allegedly told police he was not going to jail until he first killed the victim, then threatened to “f**k her up.”

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