(Windom, MN) – A Windom woman is facing criminal charges after police say her children were locked out of the house by their drug-addled mother.

Brenda Denise Davila, 33, was charged Thursday in Cottonwood County Court with gross misdemeanor child endangerment.

According to the criminal complaint, Davila’s neighbor called police after two girls, 5 and 6-years-old were locked out of their apartment.  The children told police their mother was home, but they couldn’t get inside.

Police found Davila lying in bed in the apartment.  When asked if she was missing some kids, Davila said, “no,” but realized they were gone after looking around the apartment, according to the complaint.  Davila said she had gone to bed around 7 a.m. after watching Grey’s Anatomy and smoking cigarettes all night.

Police say Davila seemed unconcerned her children were missing and appeared sluggish with slurred speech.  A urinary analysis tested positive for methamphetamine, amphetamine, THC, and benzodiazepines, according to the complaint.

Davila told police she takes seizure medication.

Investigators later spoke to a maintenance man at Davila’s Perkins Creek Apartment complex who said he notices “a lot of activity at night” at Davila’s apartment.  The man said he suspects there is heavy drug use in Davila’s home, and she has not had hot water for several months.

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