Charges: Woman used repeated racial slurs as she confronted juvenile

A Waseca woman who allegedly used repeated racial slurs as she and two minor boys confronted a juvenile is facing charges.

Aubree Kristina Louise Weise Kuster, 33, was charged Monday with gross misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a child, 5th-degree assault, and disorderly conduct.

According to a criminal complaint, a juvenile boy was walking home from school in the area of 3rd Ave and 5th St NE when he heard Kuster shouting the n-word at him. The victim told police Kuster and two juvenile males jumped out of a car and Kuster, who was holding a spray can, was saying: “Come here, [n-word].”

Court documents say the victim put his things down to protect himself and the two boys with Kuster jumped on the victim’s phones and backpack.

A witness out walking his dogs told police he saw Kuster’s van slam on the brakes and heard something yelled out the window.  The witness said the victim continued walking until the two boys and Kuster jumped out of the van.  The witness told the group to leave and threatened to call the police.  He told officers one of the boys with Kuster swung at the victim, then took his backpack.  The witness said Kuster continued to call the victim the n-word.

The complaint says the victim’s backpack was thrown out the window.


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