City suspending 2 UZONE bus routes

(Mankato, MN) – Two UZONE bus routes will be temporarily discontinued due to decreased ridership.

The 1A South and 1B North UZONE routes will be suspended beginning Monday, October 5.

Stops include:

1A South

Wigley Administration Center, 600 S Road
McElroy Residence Community shelter, 424 Ellis Ave.
Maywood Avenue/Warren Street
Parking lots 20-23
The Quarters at Mankato Apartments, 630 Timberwolf Drive
Heron Drive shelter
1B North

Centennial Student Union shelter
College Station Apartments, 1341 Pohl Road
Live Active Apartments A-D, 200 Briargate Road
Ellis Avenue/Val Imm Drive

MSU routes 1B South and 1A North, which follow the same routes, but on a different schedule, will continue service.

For more information on bus routes, see the UZONE map, or download the Bus Mankato app.

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