College worker accused of worker’s comp fraud

A college worker is accused of insurance fraud.

Liberty Hombe, 24, was charged in Blue Earth County Court with felony counts of insurance fraud, theft by swindle, and workers compensation fraud.

According to a criminal complaint, in February 2019, Hombe signed and submitted an Injured Worker form after he slipped and fell while working in food service at a college cafeteria.

In March 2019, a doctor advised Hombe could work with restrictions, which included the use of crutches, according to the complaint.

In April 2019, an investigator allegedly observed Hombe walking around the campus without crutches.

Hombe was seen jogging through a parking lot during additional surveillance conducted in November 2020, according to the complaint.

In April 2021, a supervisor allegedly saw Hombe working at the college admissions office free of his crutches and pictures were taken.  Hombe was still receiving worker’s compensation at the time, according to the complaint.

During a Dec 2021 interview with the Minnesota Commerce Fraud Bureau, Hombe allegedly told the agent he was working another job on campus and admitted that he had not informed anyone at the insurance company of his employment while receiving worker’s compensation.  Court documents say Hombe agreed to advise the insurance company when he returned to work when he signed the injured worker form.

The complaint says Hombe received a total of $10,488.85 in worker’s comp payments between April 2019 and June 2020.

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