Movie theaters and convention centers that have struggled under coronavirus restrictions will now get relief through $13 million in grants through the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. 

The grants are part of a $216 million COVID-19 economic relief package signed into law by Governor Tim Walz in December. The package included $14 million in funds for movie theaters and convention centers.

The Mayo Clinic Health Systems Event Center was awarded $450,000, shy of the maximum $500,000.  The Kato Event Center, Inc was awarded $38,000, the minimum grant for event and convention centers.

Movie Theaters

The Madelia Theatre, the Flame Theatre in Wells, the Lido Theater in Arlington, the Princess Theater in St. James, and the Windom Theater each received a $15,000 grant.

In New Ulm, the Lyric 3 got $40,000.

In Mankato, the Mankato 4 received a $50,000 grant, the AMC Classic Movies 6 got $70,000, while Movies 8 was granted $90,000.

“Convention centers and movie theatres are an important part of our economy that has been severely impacted by COVID-19,” said DEED Commissioner Steve Grove.  “The state and our team at DEED have worked hard to award these grants quickly to help these venue weather the pandemic and bounce back during Minnesota’s economic recovery.”

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