Crews fighting barn fire in rural North Mankato

(North Mankato, MN) – Crews from multiple fire departments are on the scene of a large barn fire in rural North Mankato.

The fire was burning at a farm off Highway 14 near Nicollet County roads 25 and 17.

Southern Minnesota News spoke with neighbors who had gathered on a nearby gravel road to watch the fire.  The men said the farmplace had recently sold and the new owners were cleaning equipment out the barn.  The barn was apparently a chicken barn, but there was no livestock inside, neighbors said.

Governor Tim Walz had just started an announcement on a funding proposal for Highway 14 at Nicollet’s fire station when fire personnel announced they had to leave on a call.  Lawmakers and city officials rushed to move the governor’s podium while the press hurried to move equipment out of the way so the trucks could swiftly exit the building.

Courtland fire personnel, some of who were also at the press conference, left to assist with the fire.

Later during the press conference, Senator Gary Dahms commended the quick action and response by the Nicollet Fire Department.

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