DNR K-9 retires from duty

Good boy, Schody!

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources K9 officially retired on Dec 31 after a decade of hard work for the agency.

Schody came to the DNR 10 years ago, full of energy, but no training. The dog has been a constant companion for Conservation Officer Scott Staples, who is stationed in east-central Minnesota. “I spend more time with that dog than I do with my own family,” said Staples.

The DNR says Schody has foiled game and fish law violations, rescued people lost in the woods, and helped law enforcement locate critical evidence throughout his decade of service.

How will Schody spend his retirement? He’ll continue to live with Staples and his family. Instead of hopping into Staples’ truck every day, however, Schody will have to get used to watching his replacement, Fennec, head to work with Staples.

“It’s going to be sad,” Staples said. “For the last 10 years, he’s gotten into that pickup truck with me. He’s going to hate to stay at home.”

Staples and Schody are one of the DNR’s six K9 teams in the state.

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