DNR removing trees from waterfall area at Minneopa State Park

Twenty trees will be removed from the waterfall area at Minneapoa State Park to prevent hazards, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resouces.

The trees slated for removal include 17 ash trees, a storm-damaged red oak, and two sugar maples in declining health.

Removal began on Monday, February 6.  To ensure visitor safety, access to the falls will be restricted when tree removal is underway.  The visitor alert page says the waterfalls will be closed through February 10, but the DNR says the page will be updated daily to reflect access restrictions.

Emerald ash borer has not been confirmed within the park, but in December, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture identified infested ash trees about four miles away.  The DNR decided to remove the trees now to ensure visitor and employee safety, and to reduce costs associated with managing and removing diseased trees.

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