Emerald Ash Borer found in Nicollet & Redwood counties
Ash Tree

Emerald ash borer (EAB) has been discovered in Nicollet and Redwood counties, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture confirmed.

A MDA employee was surveying for EAB near Brown County, which had previously reported an infestation when he noticed ash trees with signs of the pest at Sailors & Soldiers Memorial Park Campground in Sanborn, and across the Minnesota River from New Ulm in Lafayette Township.  Staff found live EAB larvae and collected samples for federal identification.

Emerald ash borer larvae kill ash trees by tunneling under the bark and feeding on the part of the tree that moves nutrients up and down the trunk.  Woodpeckers like to feed on EAB larvae, which can indicate an infestation.  EAB tunneling can also cause the bark to split open to reveal characteristic S-shaped galleries underneath.

MDA is enacting emergency quarantine measures to limit the movement of firewood and ash material out of the counties. Thirty counties in the state now have EAB.

Two virtual meetings will be held for residents and tree care professionals on Wednesday, December 15.  Experts from MDA will give a brief presentation followed by a question and answer session.



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