DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — A former Duluth police officer who was fired after he dragged a handcuffed man through a city skyway system is a step closer to getting his job back.

Adam Huot was fired after the May 2017 incident. Video shows the man’s head hit a steel door frame as he was being dragged.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that an arbitrator’s decision to reinstate Huot doesn’t violate public policy, meaning Huot could be reinstated. Duluth City Attorney Gunnar Johnson says the city is reviewing the decision and will decide whether to petition the Supreme Court to review the case.

Jim Michels, an attorney for the police union, says Huot accepts that he made a poor decision and looks forward to returning to work to serve the people of Duluth. Michels says it’s unlikely Huot will be reinstated before all appeals are exhausted.

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