Executive director accused of bilking New Ulm daycare center

The Executive Director of a New Ulm daycare center is accused of fraudulently own increasing her salary and paid leave time.

Angela Lynn Voges, 32, of Courtland, was charged with felony theft in Brown County Court last week.

A criminal complaint says Voges told an administrative assistant that the board of directors had approved a pay increase and added time off after she agreed to stay in the position for a set period of time.

The administrative assistant was in charge of payroll and worked under Vogel, according to the complaint.  She told police she assumed anything Vogel was telling her, as her superior, was factual.

The board president and vice-president approached police last month when they began to suspect Voges was stealing from the daycare.  They shared timecards with police that showed Voges was being paid nearly $10 an hour more than the wage approved by the board.  Voges’ sick time bank had increased by 202 hours, while her vacation bank rose by 85.5 hours, says the complaint.

The administrative assistant said Voges had instructed the changes to her own salary and paid time off in mid-January.

Voges received $8,429.53 in wages that had not been approved by the board between January and June, according to the complaint.   She has been summoned to appear in Brown County Court.

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