Fairmont couple accused of selling drugs via Snapchat shop

A Fairmont couple is accused of selling drugs via Snapchat.

Megan Jo King, 26, and Jayden Larry Thomas Sathoff, 19, were each charged Tuesday with felony counts of drug sales and drug possession in Martin County Court.

Police began investigating the couple in February after receiving an anonymous tip that the pair was selling weed, cocaine, and psychedelics out of their downtown Fairmont apartment, as well as on a Snapchat account called “The Shop.”

Jayden Sathoff, Martin County Jail

According to a criminal complaint, investigators received a number of posts and photos from King’s Snapchat account, including:

-A posting that read: “YOU HAVE 2 AND HALF DAYS TO GET PRODUCT!”  The post went on to say King would be out of town and would delete anyone who asked about product while she was gone.

-A photo that depicted nine joints listed for $10 each.

-Multiple advertisements for drug sales, including a March 17 posting that read: “Who needs acid?” and a photo with what appeared to be acid tabs captioned “Come grab it 15 a tab.”

King also advertised psilocybin mushrooms for sale on the account, according to the complaint.

Megan King, Martin County Jail

On May 14, a trained dog detected drugs in front of King’s apartment, according to court documents.  When police searched the residence, they discovered at least 35 individual baggies of cocaine of various weights, 91 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, over 250 grams of weed, and 50 rolled joints.

Police say thousands of milligrams of THC wax and various edibles were also discovered.  A gram each of cocaine and psilocybin mushrooms was also found in King’s car, says the complaint.

Court documents say Sathoff began having a panic attack when the search began.

King admitted to investigators that she and Sathoff had been selling drugs.  She indicated that Sathoff obtains the drugs and she helps with the “math.”  The complaint says King told police she knew it was getting out of hand but she did not want to tell Sathoff no.

Sathoff allegedly admitted knowing there was weed in the apartment, according to court documents.  He denied that the cocaine all belonged to him or King.


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