Fake bomb threat under investigation

North Mankato police are investigating what they believe to be a fake bomb threat at South Central College.

Officers were dispatched to the SCC at 11:15 a.m. for a reported bomb threat.  Police say the caller gave a general description of where the device was located and said the area had been evacuated.

Officers arrived within minutes and immediately alerted SCC staff of the threat, according to a press release from the North Mankato Police Department.  Police and staff immediately searched the area, but found no suspicious or harmful devices, according to the release.

Police also say the area had not been evacuated because it hadn’t been in use, nor did anyone at the scene identify as the caller.

Surveillance footage was reviewed, and nothing suspicious was noted. Police say the phone number the caller gave was traced to a “text now” service from out of state.

Investigators believe the call was fake.  The investigation will continue.


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