Former Norwood Inn pending sale to local developer

A local developer plans to purchase a former North Mankato hotel and turn the property into a mixed commercial and residential space.

The North Mankato Port Authority intends to sell the former Norwood Inn at 1111 Range St to 1111 Holdings of Mankato.  A purchase agreement is expected to be completed soon.

The building most recently served as housing for workers at Windom’s Prime Pork plant under a two-year lease with HyLife Foods.

At a February 6 Port Authority meeting, Max DeMars, a partner in 1111 Holdings, said he was excited to work with the neighborhood to develop a vision for the area to create a regional and commercial hub in the region.  Another partner, Marty Wallenbach, said he was excited about the collaborative process with the city and the neighborhood.

The reported sale price is $3.25 million.

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