(New Ulm, MN) – A kitten that was reportedly beaten and abused by multiple children was rescued in New Ulm.

The Brown County Humane Society posted the kitten’s photos on social media, reporting that someone had saved the young cat from violence at the hands of children.  “Thank you to the very kind folks who rescued me.  They saw me getting beaten and abused by some young persons.
And the fine folks rescued me. I’m doing fine at the shelter,” said the post.

Injuries to the animal’s eyes and mouth were evident in the photos.  (WARNING: photo may be disturbing)

Facebook comments captured the local outrage as BCHS followers expressed their desire to see the responsible persons charged and prosecuted.   Donations through Facebook for the kitten had already reached $550 since the post was made Thursday afternoon.

A second post by a local woman indicated that the kitten had been abused near the 3M plant in New Ulm by three children.  Workers intervened and took the 10-12 week old kitten to receive medical attention, according to the woman’s post.

Animal abuse is generally a misdemeanor in Minnesota.  It can be charged as a felony, but usually in circumstances that the animal died, or the abuse was done to threaten another person.

UPDATE: Cops say no proof kitten was abused.

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