(St. Paul, MN) – Governor Tim unveiled a proposed package Friday that would grant millions to Mankato for water quality and riverbank stabilization.

The proposed grants are part of the governor’s Local Job and Project Plan, which focuses on improving water quality and infrastructure across the state.  The proposal would invest $300 million to replace aging infrastructure and upgrade water treatment facilities.

For the city of Mankato, the governor has recommended $12.385 million for riverbank stabilization and erosion control along the Minnesota River and Indian Creek.  The $16.157 million project would also include improvements to the Minnesota River Trail and Riverfront Park.

In addition, the governor recommended a $4.15 million grant to Mankato for improvements that reduce erosion and improve water quality in the Minnesota-Mankato watershed, specifically by restoring wetlands.

“The ability to protect our entire riverbank – and there are two key areas that are currently unprotected – is very important to me,” says Mayor Najwa Massad.  “Mankato has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in our regional utility infrastructure which relies on and sits right next to the river.  Stabilizing the riverbank is costly, and Mankato cannot accomplish it alone.  The Governor’s support of this critical project in his water infrastructure bond proposal is essential.  Alone we can do a little, together we can accomplish a lot.”

In addition, the governor’s proposed plan recommends grants and loans to several southern Minnesota towns:

  • Vernon Center: $2,764,000 for drinking water; $3,300,000 for wastewater
  • Wells: $6,458,811 for wastewater
  • Tracy: $4,200,938 for wastewater
  • Waldorf: $5,490,000


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