Greater Mankato Area United Way forms suicide prevention committee

Greater Mankato Area United Way has formed a committee dedicated to suicide prevention. 

The committee includes community leaders, healthcare providers, and concerned citizens, most of who have a personal connection to suicide.  The committee plans to collaborate to bring additional suicide-prevention initiatives and mental health education to Greater Mankato.

Committee members include:

  • Barb Kaus, CEO, Greater Mankato Area United Way
  • Mel Hoffner, suicide loss survivor and former school counselor who is now dedicated to youth suicide prevention
  • Dr. Lisa Hardesty, licensed clinical health psychologist, Mayo Clinic Health System
  • Dr. Patrick Bigaouette, psychiatrist, Mayo Clinic Health System
  • Staci Anil
  • Cathy Brennan
  • Gabby Cable
  • Sherry Caplan
  • Scott Hare
  • Elizabeth Harstad
  • Sandy Hasse
  • Dr. David Johnson
  • Janene Kalina
  • Britt Lockwood
  • Laura Murray
  • Erin Pietz
  • Sara Stow
  • Katie Swing
  • Christi Wilking

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