Congressman Jim Hagedorn voted against a resolution calling on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment while accusing Democrats of dividing the country.

Hagedorn finally eluded that Joe Biden was President-elect and would be sworn in on January 20, but accused Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her caucus of “continued attempts to further divide and destabilize the country.”

The resolution, passed by the Democrat-controlled House, urged Mike Pence to immediately use his powers under the 25th Amendment to declare that the President is unable to successfully discharge the duties of his office;  consequently assuming the duties of the Presidency.  Only one Republican voted for the measure: Adam Kinzinger of Illinois.

“In the past several weeks, we have seen an alarming trend of far-left activists, members of Congress, the tech industry, and the media seeking to silence and delegitimize anyone who dares to dissent from their worldview,” said Hagedorn’s statement.  “Now House Democrats are attempting to use powers not afforded to them by the Constitution to prematurely end a presidency they have undermined, harassed, wrongfully impeached, and falsely accused of criminal activity since before it even began.”

Mike Pence has already indicated that he does not believe invoking the 25th Amendment would be in the best interest of the country.  His response has prompted the Democrats to move forward with impeaching President Trump for a second time.

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