Jury convicts Minnesota man in 1986 killing on Iron Range

DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — A jury has convicted a man charged with raping and killing a woman 36 years ago on Minnesota’s Iron Range in a case that was revived by genealogy database analysts.

Michael Allan Carbo Jr., of Chisholm, was charged with first-degree murder while committing criminal sexual conduct in the 1986 slaying of Nancy Daugherty, also of Chisholm. The 38-year-old Daugherty was found dead in her home by police conducting a welfare check.

Investigators over the years interviewed and collected DNA from more than 100 people but were unable to find a solid lead. The 54-year-old Carbo was identified as a potential suspect in 2020 after a search of public genealogy databases. Investigators obtained a DNA sample from Carbo and it matched.