Le Sueur teacher wins ‘Outstanding Teacher Award’

A Le Sueur teacher has won the 2023 Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Outstanding Teacher Award.

Haley Madson, a 1st-grade teacher at St. Anne’s School in Le Sueur, was named the recipient of the award, which recognizes teachers for their creative efforts to integrate agriculture into their classrooms to increase agricultural literacy.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture says Madson is “an advocate for agricultural education at St. Anne’s and uses her lessons to inspire students to think about how deeply agriculture impacts their lives from a young age.”

“I want my students to realize that when learning about agriculture, they will be using reading, math, social studies, and science skills,” says Madson. “There is a connection between agriculture and animals, the economy, the environment, technology, and overall way of life. It is important to give students opportunities to explore those connections starting in elementary school.”

Madson will receive a $500 stipend and have up to $1,500 of her related expenses paid to attend the National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference this June in Orlando, Florida.


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