Local law enforcement earn DWI ‘All Star’ recognition

(St. Paul, MN) – Several local law enforcement officers have been recognized by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety for their effort to get impaired drivers off the street.

The DPS Office of Traffic Safety has named a list of 48 officers, troopers, deputies, and prosecutors as its 13th DWI All-Star team.  The All-Stars made 3,170 combined DWI arrests across Minnesota in 2019.

Here are the Southern Minnesota officers who made the All-Star team, and the number of DWI arrests they made:

Nate Curtiss, Austin Police – 31

Adam Suckow, Blue Earth County Sheriff – 60

Chris Arkell, Blue Earth County Sheriff – 48

Jamie Meyer, Mower County Sheriff – 62

James Dunn, Nicollet County Attorney’s Office

DPS says Minnesota’s stay-at-home COVID-19 response contributed to less traffic and fewer DWI’s compared to a year ago.  As of August 10, there were 13,816 DWI arrests year-to-date compared with 16,881 arrests at the same time last year.