Madison Lake lawmaker’s bill would punish robocallers
Senator Rich Draheim, Madison Lake

A Madison Lake lawmaker’s bill would punish pesky robocallers that disregard state laws.

The Minnesota Senate Commerce Committee approved the bill from Senator Rich Draheim (R) Tuesday.

Draheim’s bill would allow the AG to sue and recover a civil penalty from robocallers who are found in violation of the state statute.

“There are over 50 billion robocalls every year in the United States,” Draheim said. “We all have had to deal with these pesky calls, and we need to do our part in Minnesota to put a stop to it. We don’t even realize how much it has influenced our behavior – only 19% of adults answer their phones according to a 2020 PEW Research Survey.”

The bill was sent to the Judiciary Committee, where it awaits its next hearing.


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