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Mankato Area Public Schools investigating racist student video

(Mankato, MN) – Mankato Area Public School officials says they are investigating a racist video made by a student that was posted to social media.

A press release from the school district said school officials are aware of the video, and the administration is in contact with the student and the parents.  A thorough investigation of the incident is underway, according to the release, and disciplinary action will be taken based on the result.

The school release didn’t name the student, but social media users shared the video, inviting friends and followers to make the video viral.

In the video, a boy who appears to be in his teens repeatedly screams the n-word throughout various clips.  The teen also refers to black people as slaves, and suggests they should be working on a plantation.

In another clip, the boy begins screaming that he is angry because the Somalians won’t get jobs, and, he says, are sucking up all of the welfare.

“Mankato Area Public Schools is committed to a safe and inclusive culture for all and we are thankful to the students and community members who alerted the school staff to this matter,” said the press release.

The school says racist behavior or comments will not be tolerated.


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